How Does it Work?

Typically, hard money loans are kept by borrowers for three months to a year while they renovate the investment property and prepare it to be resold or rented. Once completed, the investor can refinance the loan with a conventional mortgage and pay off the private loan, and a resale investor pays off the loan with the sale of the property to a buyer.

Which Loan Fits Your Needs?

Before opting into a loan agreement, it’s important to identify exactly which loan is right for your unique investment situation. Use this list of loan guidelines as a resource to help you make the best choice:

Loan Amount $50,000 to $4,000,000
Property Types SFR, 1-4 units, Condos
Loan Terms 12 or 24 Month Term
Lien Position First position only
LTV Max 75% of the After Repaired Value (Max on cash out 70% LTV)
LTC Max 85% (Purchase), Up to 100% (Rehab)
Rates Starting at 8.5%
Origination Starting at 2%+ (minimum $3,000)
Occupancy Non-owner occupied only
Borrower Experience We Lend to First Timers
Credit 600+
Prepayment Penalty No prepayment penalty
Foreign National Max 60% LTV, Max 60% on Cash Out

*Renovation Money is escrowed for every loan to ensure success for all parties involved. **LTV and Minimum down are determined by borrower credit and experience.*** Loan amount will be the lessor of the LTV and LTC****Starting rate varies based on property location

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